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Taylor Matousek Graphic Designer Photographer Writer
Photo by Guy Foster Photography
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Artist's Statement Stories are central to my existence. I both absorb and create them. For much of my life, I shared them through only photography and the written word. Teenage-hood departed before I discovered other visual storytelling mediums, some of which were rediscoveries, as I had believed to have lost them in a tumultuous childhood. Art is a blanket term here. Writing and visual art are not mutually exclusive here. My art stems from desire: The desire for the metaphors to make that sweet spot behind the eyes shimmer for a moment. The desire to color in the creeping monotone. The desire to document to an obsessive point. The desire to allow people to see themselves the way I see them, even if they dislike this beholder’s eye. The desire to cause reactions. Even the smallest pause. A thumb hovering over a screen. A distracted misstep. A comma, perhaps.