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Taylor Matousek Graphic Designer Photographer Writer
Healing Healing is a mental health photography and interview series. I began the series in late 2016 when I wanted to photography a friend's cutting scars. In the hopes of creating a small series, I photographed two more friends who also have mental health issues. The need to create a final project to complete my graphic design major gave me the opportunity to continue Healing. I took new photographs of each of the original three people, and I interviewed them about their experiences with their mental health. I asked another two friends to participate, for a grand total of five people. I also created a booklet of the series, which you can view at the link below. The full series can only be found on Instagram (@healingseries). Healing is still growing, as more people are taking notice and wanting to share their stories. If you would like to participate, please send me an email. Click on each photo to view more, or click the link below to be taken directly to Instagram. Click here to visit @healingseries on Instagram Click here to view the booklet
Esperanza Lavender (and Nova)
Josefine Geoffrey
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